”Who is in charge of our country?” FFK asks as he reacts to the face-off between Aisha Buhari’s aides and President Buhari’s nephew in the villa

Femi Fani-Kayode is asking who is really “in charge” of Nigeria following reports of a face-off between the aides of the first lady, Aisha Buhari, and a Personal Assistant and Nephew of President Buhari, Sabiu Yusuf.

According to reports, Yusuf traveled from Lagos to Abuja on Monday, June 8 and drove straight to the villa where he resides but he was denied access by the aides of the first lady who insisted he goes into self-isolation at a different location since he was returning from Lagos which is the epicenter of COVID-19 in Nigeria. Yusuf allegedly refused and got the police to arrest the aides of the first lady.

Mrs. Buhari took to her Twitter handle last night to ask the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, to release her aides.

Reacting to the face-off, FFK said the President has lost control of his home, his wife, his family, his staff, his official residence and the country. He wondered who is ruling the country. 

”When the President’s wife is openly fighting with his aides it speaks volumes and it reflects badly on the entire nation. The power play that is going on in the Villa is embarrassing, unacceptable & increasingly dangerous. I urge @MBuhari  to call all those involved to order.

Gunshots in the Villa over domestic issues? The President’s wife and PA are fighting? No-one can call either to order? The President has lost control of his home, his wife, his family, his staff, his official residence and his country? Who bewitched Nigeria? Who did this to us?

Who is running our country? Who is really in charge? Where are we heading? A nation of 200 million people and this is the best we can do? Is Nigeria a jungle or a zoo? Have we been cursed? Have we lost all sense of decency and discipline?

A First Lady and a Personal Assistant indulging in a rofo-rofo fight in the seat of power and shooting at one another when the President is supposedly still alive? Or is there something that we don’t know? It’s a crying shame! May God help us!” he tweeted

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